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The Introduction Of Anti-theft Nut

Sep. 03, 2019 | 00:00:00

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Anti Theft Nuts

Anti Theft Nuts

Anti Theft Nuts are divided into spiral wedge anti-loose anti-theft nut, twist-slip anti-theft nut, needle-type anti-theft nut, ball-type anti-theft nut.

Every year, due to the loosening of the components of the mechanical department or the destruction of human-made facilities, the loss of public facilities property and personal safety can reach as much as 100 million yuan, which will have a great impact on the healthy operation of the national economy. The anti-theft nut is the latest product with excellent anti-theft performance in the 21st century. It is mainly used for anti-loose and anti-theft products of mechanical components connecting fastening parts. The anti-theft nut does not require two processing for the cold pier to be formed at one time, and the surface is hot-dip galvanized. The internal thread has a pair of blind grooves, the cross section is curved, and the radial depth is reversed by the thread. The two blind grooves are provided with two balls and are equipped with special plastic inner bushings and plastic washers to ensure the free movement of the balls. When the nut is tightened clockwise, the ball rolls along the arc-shaped blind groove, and the nut plastic inner bushing will automatically fall off. When the nut is loosened counterclockwise, since the radial dimension of the blind groove becomes smaller, the ball is caught in the thread, and the nut cannot be loosened, thereby preventing theft. This type of anti-theft nut has been widely used in the national electric power tower and signal tower, which is easy to operate and has strong anti-theft effect.

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