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How to Replace the Anti Theft Nuts of Car Tire?

Jul. 01, 2019 | 15:18:39

How to Replace the Anti Theft Nuts of Car Tire? For anti-theft nuts of car tire, there are a lot of car owners who may not be particularly aware of it. In fact, it is a fastening screw that is not the same as other screws. It can not be disassembled with a conventional socket wrench. On the high-end luxury models, Anti theft screws are very common. Don't underestimate such a screw. For the anti theft of the car, the effect is very large. So where is the screw like this? How should I replace it?Anti Theft Nuts Manufacturer shares with you this useful article.

Anti Theft Nuts

Anti Theft Nuts

The principle of the anti theft nuts of car tire is very simple, that is, the shape of the nut is processed into an irregular shape, and the anti theft nut wrench of the car can be used to disassemble it. The ordinary disassembly tool on the market has no effect on it. This is the basic principle of its anti theft. When we want to change it ourselves, open the car kit, you will see two wrenches, one of which is specially used to remove the anti theft nuts. When we jack up the car with a jack, do the pre-disassembly in the early stage. After working, use the anti theft nut wrench to remove it.

The anti theft nut of car tire is a special product for the car. It must be differentiated when purchasing. Usually the anti theft nut is one for each wheel, and it is used with a special disassembly tool. What should I do if the anti theft nut cannot be removed? If you encounter the anti theft nut in the process of using the car, or the anti theft nut sleeve is lost, it can not be disassembled. The method can be adopted to solder a conventional nut on the top of the anti theft screw and use the conventional sleeve to drive the anti theft. Screw to achieve the purpose of disassembly.

At the same time, the important role of anti theft nut is to prevent general thieves. Many professional thieves who steal rims have a solution to anti theft nuts. Therefore, subjective prevention, park the vehicles in a regular and safe parking lot to avoid accidents. In the event of theft, the first time the alarm is processed.