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What Industries are the Main Applications of Welding Nut?

Jun. 28, 2019 | 16:09:36

Welding Nut is used in a small range and are used in sheet metal industry and in factories that produce casings. The welding nut is divided into hexagonal welding nut and square welding nut according to the shape. The material is divided into carbon steel and stainless steel. Generally, it is used as the inner thread of sheet metal. The welding nut is welded to the sheet metal by spot welding technology to form an effective inner part. Thread, welding nut with positioning feet, easy to weld, the surface generally does not do any treatment, to maintain the welding performance of the nut, the welding nut production process is cold.

Welding Nut

Welding Nut

The purpose of the welding nut is the same as that of the rivet nut. It is used as the inner thread of the sheet metal. However, the principle of the two is very different. The rivet nut is fixed by the tooth embossing of the head and the bite of the sheet metal base. The precision of the rivet nut and the strength of the rivet pressure may cause the rivet nut to loosen, and the weld nut is welded by the spot welding technique. Although the installation is troublesome, the firmness after welding is good and it is not easy to fall off. The company has a full range of sheet metal fasteners, and has many years of experience in the sheet metal industry. It sells sheet metal fasteners such as rivet nuts,weld nuts, rivet screws and welding screws.

Although the strength of the welded nut is large and it is not easy to loosen, some matters need to be paid attention to during the use, so that the welded nut can be connected. The so-called welding is to turn the two separate parts into one whole, melt the metal with high temperature and mix it together to cool, and the alloy will be added in the middle. The inside is the role of molecular force, which is slightly larger than the general mother. Therefore, the use of welded nuts is very extensive.

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