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Some Knowledge Of Automotive Fasteners

Aug. 28, 2019 | 00:00:00

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Special knowledge of automotive fasteners, today to teach you a little knowledge about the surface of the screw fasteners and inspection methods, the so-called inside the doorway, the layman watching the fun, then let's take a look at the fun!

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Surface treatment and fastener inspection, surface treatment refers to the process of forming a coating on the surface of the fastener by some methods. After the surface treatment of the fastener, the surface can be more beautiful and fastened. The corrosion resistance of the parts itself will also be improved. The surface treatment methods of the fasteners are as follows shared by Fastener Bolt Supplier:

Mechanical plating of fasteners refers to the impact of the surface of the fastener by a specific physical and chemical means, with the powder of the coated metal, so that the coated metal forms a coating on the surface of the fastener to form a surface. Processing effect. Mechanical plating of fasteners is mainly suitable for spare parts such as screws, nuts and gaskets.

The hot dip galvanizing of the fastener is to immerse the carbon steel component fastener into the plating bath of the molten zinc having a heat of about 510 ° C, so that the iron-zinc alloy on the surface of the fastener is converted into passivated zinc, thereby Get a surface treatment effect. The price of hot-dip galvanizing of fasteners is higher than that of electroplating, which is about 1.5 to 2 yuan per kilogram.

Electroplating of fasteners means immersing the parts of the fastener that need to be electroplated into a specific aqueous solution. The aqueous solution will contain some deposited metal compounds, so that after passing through the aqueous solution by electric current, the metal substances in the solution are deposited and adhered to The immersed portion of the fastener. The plating of fasteners generally includes galvanizing, copper, nickel, chromium, copper-nickel alloy.

The surface treatment of fasteners, the main purpose is to obtain the corrosion protection ability of the fastener itself to increase the reliability and adaptability of the fasteners. Therefore, the quality judgment of the fastener surface treatment is mainly to check Whether the corrosion resistance of the fastener is effectively increased and whether the increase is in line with the expected requirements.

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