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Basic Types Of Bolts And Nuts And Their Uses

Dec. 14, 2019 | 11:18:24

Nuts and bolts are the most common and most widely used type of fastener products. Today Fastener Bolt Manufacturer mainly introduces the types and uses of different nuts and bolts from the appearance.

Nuts, also called nuts, are usually used in conjunction with screws or bolts to fasten and connect fasteners. For example, there are ordinary steel nuts, bolts, carbon steel nuts, and bolts. (High-strength nuts), stainless steel nuts, bolts, non-ferrous metal nuts, bolts (such as copper, etc.).

First, the main types and use of bolts

1. Ordinary hex bolts, which are the most widely used and common type of nut products. The advantage is that their own fasteners are relatively large, but the disadvantage is that they need to leave sufficient operating space during installation and use. Open-end wrench. With the innovation of operating tools and the popularization of electric tools in recent years, the problem of operating space has also been well resolved.

2. Cylinder head hexagon socket bolts. These bolts are widely used in screws. They are usually operated with hexagon socket wrenches for easy installation and large fastener forces. They can be used in various mechanism components and have a neat and beautiful appearance. The point is that the fastener is slightly lower than the outer hexagon bolt, and it is easy to be damaged after repeated disassembly.

3. Pan head hexagon socket bolts. These bolts rarely appear on mechanical components. They are indeed used extensively in furniture, which can greatly increase the contact surface of wood materials and play a beautiful role.

4. Hex socket headless bolts. These bolts are relatively rare, but they must be used in some structures, such as the top wire mechanism or the position of the cylindrical head.

5. Countersunk head hexagon socket bolts. This type of nut is mainly found on moving or vibrating mechanical parts, and its role is the same as that of hexagon socket bolts.

Second, the main types and uses of nuts

1. Nylon lock nut. This type of nut is inlaid with a nylon rubber ring on the inner wall of the nut. It can prevent loosening of the thread by increasing the pressing force. It is usually used more on high-power machinery.

2. Flange nuts. The working principle of this type of nut is to increase the contact area of the nut. By increasing the contact area, it increases the friction force. It is commonly used on pipes, fasteners, stamping parts or castings.

3. Ordinary outer Hexagonal Nut, similar to ordinary outer hexagon bolts, is the most widely used and most common type of fastener product.

Hexagonal Nut

Hexagonal Nut

No matter what type of bolt and nut fastener products, according to Expansion Bolt Supplier's many years of industry experience and production experience, the market will always be a penny and a penny. The company can provide customers with cost-effective products under the premise of ensuring normal profit margin Products, otherwise, can only be discounted on product quality, which is a taboo for companies based on long-term development.