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Performance Advantages Of High Strength Bolts

Jul. 30, 2019 | 17:06:17

Here is OEM Bolts Manufacturer talking about the performance advantages of high strength bolts.

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China Stud Bolt

High-strength bolts are called high-strength bolted joints in production, and are generally referred to as high-strength bolts. Each connection pair consists of one bolt, one nut and two washers, all of which are produced in the same batch and are processed in the same heat treatment process.

Performance of high strength bolts:

According to the performance grade of high-strength bolts, it is divided into 8.8 grades and 10.9 grades, of which the torsional shear type is only used in the 10.9 grade. In the marking method, the number before the decimal point indicates the tensile strength after heat treatment, and the number after the decimal point indicates the ratio of the yield ratio, that is, the measured value of the yield strength to the measured value of the ultimate tensile strength. Grade 8.8 indicates that the tensile strength of the bolt rod is not less than 800 MPa and the yield ratio is 0.8; the level of 10.9 indicates that the bolt rod has a tensile strength of not less than 1000 MPa and a yield ratio of 0.9. In the structural design, the high-strength bolt diameter is generally M16/M20/M22/M24/M27/M30, but M22/M27 is the second choice series. Under normal circumstances, M16/M20/M24/M30 is mainly used.