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How To Install And Remove The Expansion Bolts?

Nov. 08, 2019 | 12:02:54

Expansion bolts refer to a special threaded connection used to secure pipe supports/cranes/brackets or equipment to walls, floors, and columns. When using the expansion bolt, firstly drill the corresponding size hole on the fixed body with the impact drill (hammer), then insert the bolt and the expansion tube into the hole, and tighten the nut to make the bolt, the expansion tube and the mounting part The expansion between the fixed bodies is integrated. Expansion bolts are widely used in daily life, and are often used to fix indispensable parts of home appliances. The expansion bolts are extremely stable, so expansion bolts are generally used when fixing large items. So how should the expansion bolts be installed and removed? Expansion Bolt Supplier will come to tell you.

Installation steps for expansion bolts:

Step 1: after drilling the eye, first insert the screw and the expansion tube into the hole;

Step 2: Put the accessories that need to be fixed onto the screw;

Step 3: put the flat pad, the spring pad and the nut in turn, and tighten the nut with a wrench to expand the expansion tube in the wall.

Note: The expansion bolt will expand after tightening. The tail of the bolt has a large head. The expansion bolt is sleeved with a round pipe slightly larger than the diameter of the bolt. There are several openings in the tail part. When the bolt is tightened, the tail of the big head is taken. Inside the open pipe, the pipe is made large to achieve the purpose of expansion, and then the bolt is fixed on the ground or the wall to achieve rooting.

Elevator Expansion Bolt

Elevator Expansion Bolt

Then how to remove the expansion bolt? I want to fix the bolt on the wall, but I want to take it out. What should I do?

Take the example of the Expansion Bolt on the wall. First, directly knock the exposed bolt into the wall with the hammer, let the bolt expansion part separate from the jacket expansion tube, and then use the needle-nosed pliers to clamp the expansion jacket to the wall and tighten it. Pull out, if you find that the fixing is very tight when you start knocking, you can only use the electric drill to loosen the wall around the bolt first, and then wait for the bolt to come out, then make up the wall, but this way is more damage, generally not recommended. This takes the bolt.

In addition, you can first remove the bolt cap of the bolt first, then use the hammer to knock the bolt rod into the wall, then use the pliers to pull the iron outside the screw out of the wall, use the pliers to shake and pull the screw outward. So that the expansion bolt can be taken out. When using the pliers to pump outward, you need to pay attention to the use of cleverness, shaking and knocking at intervals, which can reduce the damage to the wall surface, and it will not take much effort.

In general, it is a good method to take out the bolts by using the tools at hand. But there are two ways, I hope you should never try, one is to use a hacksaw to saw off the bolts outside the wall, or use sulfuric acid to remove the expansion bolts, which is neither safe nor environmentally friendly.

The above is how to install and dismantle the expansion bolts, I hope to help everyone. In addition, if you are interested in expansion bolts, nuts and bolts including Anti Theft Nuts, you can contact us, we can provide you with a variety of high quality fasteners, welcome you.