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How To Make Expansion Bolts On Hollow Bricks?

Dec. 30, 2019 | 10:36:39

The working principle of the expansion bolt: After the expansion bolt hits the wall, the sleeve outside it needs to be in close contact with the hole we punched, and then the sleeve is pulled apart by tightening the bolt outside the expansion bolt. It is to finally achieve an expansion effect of the expansion bolt. After expansion, the expansion bolt can be tightly pulled against the wall to carry the heavy load. When the expansion bolt is pulled out, the innermost part is pulled out and expands outward. However, the hollow bricks are basically empty, so they have no effect even after being pulled apart. Because it cannot make effective contact with the surrounding surface, the expansion bolt loses its expansion effect.

The following Expansion Bolt Supplier will introduce to you an effective method of hitting expansion bolts on hollow brick walls.

The first method is to cut out the hole of the lower expansion bolt and then use concrete to fill it. That is to say, the place needs to be changed to a concrete wall, and finally, an expansion bolt is punched in this part, so that the expansion bolt can be installed. You can hang heavy loads in the future without problems.

The second method is to remove the hollow bricks in the area where Expansion Bolt is needed, then replace them with red bricks for rebuilding. After the masonry is completed, we can drill the expansion bolts on the red brick wall, which is no problem. The application of pull-out bolts on hollow bricks is also a type of connecting piece connected to the wall called pull-out bolts. The main difference between pull-out bolts and expansion bolts is that they swell in the middle, and the area of expansion is particularly large . We know that the expansion bolt is expanded later, and the expanded size is very small. The pull-out bolt is the middle part, and will expand a large size. In this way, it can be effectively pulled with the opening of the hole, thereby achieving a certain fixing effect. So if we want to hang some light things on the hollow brick wall of our house, such as hanging a TV or the like. We can handle it by installing pull bolts.

Expansion Bolt

Expansion Bolt

It is recommended that if you install relatively heavy things on the wall, such as the most common savings-type electric water heaters in our homes, you must use the two methods introduced by everyone. Let's deal with the wall first and then remove the expansion bolts, otherwise problems will occur, and it may really fall off later. The other is that the expansion bolt we install is not a panacea. It has its own load capacity requirements. Everyone must consult this. Do not hang heavy things on it.

The above is the method introduced by Anti Theft Nuts Manufacturer for making expansion bolts on hollow bricks. I hope to help you.