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Introduction To The Processing Steps Of The Hex Nut

Jul. 26, 2019 | 15:35:40

The hex nut is one of our common nuts. It is used in combination with bolts and screws. It is a mechanical part that has internal threads and is used with the screw to transmit motion or power.

So how should the hex nut be processed? Here is a brief introduction to the processing steps of the hex nut by Thin Hexagon Nut Manufacturer.

Thin Hexagon Nut

Thin Hexagon Nut

1. Mark the hexagonal center, proof the eye, check the circle or check the frame.

2. Calculate the diameter of the bottom hole according to the formula D=d–P. Select a suitable drill bit to drill the bottom hole (first drill the center hole with a small drill before drilling the hole) and chamfer the two sides of the bottom hole.

3. Attack the M12 thread according to the correct method. Lubricate the oil when tapping the thread.

4. According to the formula rod d round rod = d-0.13P to check whether the blank round rod diameter is qualified.

5, first processing the bolt hex head, the method is the same as the nut processing.

6. Press the M12 thread according to the correct method. When the thread is set, it needs to be lubricated and the thread is set to the end.

7. Nuts and bolts are chamfered and trimmed.

8. Deburring, comprehensive re-examination, finishing the workpiece.

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