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Introduction of Welding Nut

Jul. 03, 2019 | 20:18:16

The Welding Nut is a nut suitable for welding outside the nut. It is generally made of a weldable material and it is thicker and suitable for welding. The welding is equivalent to turning the two separate parts into one whole, and melting the metal at a high temperature. When they are cooled together, an alloy is added in the middle, and the inside is the action of molecular force, and the strength is generally greater than the strength of the mother.

Welding Nut

Welding Nut

Advantages: welding, high strength, wide range of use, thin and thick.

Disadvantages: due to the high temperature, the connected parts are deformed and are not removable, and some active metals cannot be welded by the usual methods, such as aluminum, magnesium, etc., requiring protective gas or argon arc welding, requiring processing technology and precision.

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