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The Hardware Industry Is Actively Expanding The Domestic Market

Oct. 11, 2019 | 18:43:35

Here is U Bolt Factory talking about The Hardware Industry Is Actively Expanding The Domestic Market.

In the increasingly fierce competition in the international die-casting mold market, the Japanese die-casting mold industry is also working hard to reduce production costs. In terms of market size, the Japanese recession is most evident regardless of output value or domestic demand. Japanese mold makers pay more attention to the polishing and grinding process in terms of technology. German mold manufacturers start by improving the precision and efficiency of machining and electrical discharge machining to reduce the time of manual processing. At present, the Japanese die-casting mold industry is gradually shifting molds with low technical content to areas with low labor costs, producing only high-tech products in the country, and Japan is accelerating the shift to foreign countries, which makes Japan's domestic die-casting molds use. The amount is reduced.

U Bolt

U Bolt

Experts believe that due to the gradual decline in domestic demand for global mold-producing countries such as Japan, the United States, and Germany, and the increase in costs, mold manufacturers in these countries have begun to shift production and gradually expand into the Chinese market. I hope to increase profits by cheap labor and material procurement costs in China. However, once the mold manufacturing enterprises in these countries advance eastward, they will inevitably make their country's mold design and manufacturing technology invisible. In this way, it is necessary to invest a large amount of research and development expenses to strengthen the competitiveness of its mold products, thus opening up the difference between it and Chinese mold products.

In recent years, due to the impact of the international financial crisis, there has been a shrinking market in the global market. However, according to relevant information, as of the first half of the year, Japan is still the world's strongest producer of U Bolt, its profits have not shrunk, and its competitiveness is still strong. Hardware molds have strong competitiveness. Experts believe that the biggest advantages and strengths lie in both private enterprises and traditional industries. To enter the high-end market, it is inseparable from high technology. On the other hand, although the presence of foreign mold companies will intensify the competition of domestic molds to a certain extent, the entry of these high-end mold enterprises has promoted the competition awareness of domestic molds from another angle, thus increasing the technology. Improvements improve the overall mold manufacturing level.

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