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Tips for Using Expansion Bolts

Mar. 23, 2020 | 00:00:00

The principle of using Expansion Bolt is very simple, that is, the diameter of the screw that has been fixed is made larger with the help of it. Fully apply pressure to objects such as walls, increasing their abrasion force. The tension of the screw is greatly increased to ensure the stability of the object to be fixed. The use of expansion bolts is to make the object more stable, the inclination of the screw and the greater abrasion force of the expansion screw, so as to achieve a more stable effect. One screw is threaded and the other is tapered. The outer packaging is just a layer of iron sheet. If there is an incision in the half of the iron sheet, then they will be inserted into the hole. After locking the nut, pull out the nut and spread out the tapered iron sheet, so that it can be firmly fixed on the wall. Generally used are the fence and the fixing of the canopy and air conditioner. However, sometimes the fixing is not completely reliable. If the load is large, it will easily cause falling off, so it is generally not used in household ceiling fan fixing.

Expansion Bolt

Expansion Bolt

At present, expansion bolts have been widely used in construction sites, and with the help of it, the current fixing work has become more secure. Compared with the previous one, it has had a good effect and is widely recognized.

When the expansion bolt is fixed, the trapezoidal slope is used to exert the huge friction force on the expansion until it has the effect we want. The expansion bolts that you usually use can be divided into two types, one is plastic, and the other is iron. When it is used, most of the holes are obtained through the standard of expansion bolts. Then the expansion bolt can be put into it, so as long as the expansion bolt is opened, it will have a very good fixing effect. One side of the expansion bolt is thread-shaped, while the other side is a tapered general expansion bolt with a layer of iron on the periphery of the group, and some products of this layer of iron are steel pipes. There is a half cut on the iron sheet cylinder, and these are applied tightly to the holes on the wall. If the iron sheet cylinder expands, the fastening effect can be achieved very well. Most of these expansion screws are used in materials such as guardrails and air conditioners with bricks or cement. Expansion bolts are composed of screws and expansion tubes. The bottom of the screw has a conical shape, and the diameter of the cone is larger than the inner diameter of the expansion tube. When tightening the nut, the screw will move outward and use the action of the thread to move, so that even when the force is large, a good tightening effect can be achieved.

The above is the use of expansion bolts introduced by Fastener Bolt Exporter.

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