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What Are The Surface Treatment Methods For Fasteners?

Jan. 20, 2020 | 00:00:00

We generally use the most common methods to electroplating, hot-dip galvanizing, and mechanical plating on the appearance of fasteners. The process of forming a covering layer on the appearance of the fastener. For a beautiful appearance, the corrosion resistance of the fastener itself will also be improved. The more important intention is to make the fastener itself have anti-corrosion ability, in order to add the reliability and adaptability of the use of the fastener. Whether it is useful to add, and whether the added range meets the expected requirements. The following Fastener Bolt Manufacturer will tell you the method of surface treatment of fasteners.

1. Hot dip galvanizing of fasteners

Hot-dip galvanizing of fasteners is to immerse fasteners made of carbon steel in a bath of molten zinc with a heat of about 510°C. In this way, the iron-zinc alloy on the surface of the fasteners will be transformed into passivated zinc, and then Obtain appearance processing. The price of hot-dip galvanizing treatment of fasteners is higher than that of electroplating, which is about 1.5 to 2 yuan per kilogram.

2. Electroplating of fasteners

The electroplating of fasteners refers to immersing the parts to be electroplated in a specific aqueous solution. The aqueous solution will contain some accumulated metal compounds. After the current passes through the aqueous solution, the metal substances in the solution are separated and attached. On the immersion part of the fastener. The plating of fasteners generally includes zinc plating, copper, nickel, chromium, copper-nickel alloys, and the like.

Anti Theft Nuts

Anti Theft Nuts

3. Mechanical plating of fasteners

Mechanical plating of fasteners refers to the use of coated metal powder to impact the appearance of fasteners through specific physical and chemical means, so that the plated metal is cold-welded to form a coating on the surface of the fastener and reach the appearance Processing effect. The mechanical plating of fasteners is primarily suitable for spare parts such as screws, Anti Theft Nuts and washers. Of course, there are surface treatment methods such as cadmium plating, chromium plating, silver plating, nickel plating, and zincizing. It is important to choose the appropriate surface treatment method according to the working conditions.

The above is the fastener surface treatment method introduced by Butterfly Nut manufacturer. I hope it can help everyone.