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What Is An Anti-theft Nut?

Dec. 23, 2019 | 11:40:25

Anti-theft nuts, also known as anti-removal screws, are used in many outdoor products. For example, anti-theft nuts are installed on iron towers, railway tracks or cars. Do you know what the anti-theft nuts do? Today Anti Theft Nuts Manufacturer has collected some information about anti-theft nuts to share with you.

The anti-theft nut is divided into two types: removable and non-removable, and removable and divided into five-angle anti-theft screw, Y-type anti-theft screw, outer triangle anti-theft screw, two-point anti-theft screw, inner multi-tooth, etc. Multiple structures. Long-term stolen fasteners for outdoor fixtures.

About the shape of the anti-theft nut:

The appearance of Anti Theft Nuts is generally divided into two types: standard parts and separate types. The appearance of standard parts is hexagonal, such as: twist-type anti-theft nut, needle-type anti-theft nut, ball-type anti-theft nut, etc. Separate shape is round.

Anti Theft Nuts

Anti Theft Nuts

The principle of anti-theft nut:

时 When the nut is tightened clockwise, the ball rolls along the arc-shaped blind groove, and the nut's plastic inner sleeve will fall off automatically. When loosening the nut counterclockwise, because the radial dimension of the blind groove gradually becomes smaller, the ball is caught in the thread, and the nut cannot be loosened, thereby preventing theft.

The role of the anti-theft nut:

1. Protect the interests of users. Some businesses use anti-theft nuts on their products, such as the anti-theft nuts used by many products of Jiuyang. For a reason.

2. Although the anti-theft nut is small, it can play an anti-theft role. Some outdoor guard rails will use anti-theft bolts, which can greatly reduce unnecessary losses.

3. The anti-theft nut can usually be installed only with a special wrench, which is easy to install and not complicated. Some manufacturers will provide special tools to customers, so there is no need to worry about installation problems.

4. The appearance of anti-theft nut is beautiful and generous.

The above is the introduction of the contents of the anti-theft nut by Fastener Bolt Manufacturer. Although the anti-theft nut brings security to our daily life, there are certain security risks. I hope everyone can use the anti-theft nut correctly, and I hope the content in the article can help There are some references.