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Cover round coupling nut

Product grade: 4.8. Execution Standard: GB923 Material: Q235 product surface treatment uses: plating white zinc, blue-white zinc, colorful zinc, blackening, natural color five kinds of surface treatment options; widely used in power installation, electrical production, construction engineering, mechanical equipment, railway, lifting, metallurgy, chemical industry and many other industries.

Three advantages of china Cover round coupling nut:

First, the superior anti-vibration performance: when the thread is tightened, the top thread of the bolt tightly enters the 30 degree wedge inclined plane of the nut and is clamped, and the normal force exerted on the wedge inclined plane is 60 degree inclined to the axis of the bolt, rather than 30 degree inclined angle. Therefore, the normal force produced by the anti-loosening nut is far greater than that of the ordinary standard nut, which has a great anti-loosening effect.

Secondly, it has strong wear resistance and shear resistance: the 30 degree inclined bottom of the nut thread can make the locking force evenly distributed on all the threads of all teeth. Because the pressure distribution on each thread surface is uniform, it can solve the problem of thread wear and shear deformation better.

Thirdly, the reusability performance is good: extensive use shows that after repeated tightening and disassembly, the locking force of the anti-loosening nut remains unchanged and maintain the original locking effect.