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  • Thicken hex nut

Thicken hex nut

A hexagonal nut with a higher height than a common nut.

china Thin hexagon nut is used together with bolts and screws,for connecting and fastening parts.

Based on the different nominal thickness ,Hexagon nuts include type1,type2 and thin type.

Type 1 is used most widely ,includes grA,grB,grC.grA and grB are suitable for the machinery,equipment and structures,which with the small roughness of surface and high accuracy requirement.and the GrC is less demanded than GrA and GrB about the roughness and the accuracy requirement.

Type 2 hexagon nut is thicker than type1,its mostly used in the case where is often needed assembly and disassembly.

The type and size of Type1 should meet GB/T6170.And Type2 should meet GB/T1670.

Classification of pitch:standard teeth,normal teeth,fine teeth,Mini fine teeth and left hand teeth.

Classification of material:stainless steel hexagon nut,carbon steel hexagon nut,brass hexagon nut,iron hexagon nut.

Classification of thickness:hexagon thick nut,hexagon thin nut.

Classification of application:hot-melt copper nut,hot-pressed copper nut,embedded copper nut and ultrasonic copper nut.


Stainless steel ,35K,45#steel,40Cr,Q235(A3steel),etc.